Kelsey Shirley Photography | FAQ

The following are just some of the questions I am frequently asked! If your question isn't answered below please do not hesitate to ask!


When should I schedule my session?

The sooner the better! Newborn sessions should be booked 1-3 months before your due date. I just write you in on your due date so I know to keep some time slots open in the days before and after! All other sessions are mainly booked around sunset and there just isn't enough good light in the day! Since, this limits me to how many sessions I can do, it is important to get your session on my calendar.


Do you photograph weddings?

Yes! I have been assisting one of the best wedding photographers in Arizona for the past 3+ years and have decided that in 2015 Kelsey Shirley Photography will be booking weddings! 


What should we wear? 

Many times, mom stress over this so much and spend tons of unnecessary money on fancy clothing. For my style of photography, I like to really focus on my clients and their actions and not so much on their outfits. Your sweet family should be the star of the show and putting your family in their sunday best with tights that rip easily and your nicest heels will really hinder the ability to capture your family. 

1) Skip the fancy attire and think more along the lines of what you would wear out to a nice but casual dinner (just coordinating :) ) 
2) pick a color scheme/color tones to work with. My favorite tends to be neutrals but blues are a close second! Blue seems to be one of the "it" colors of the season especially denim & navy. Blues tend to photograph well and look nice on all skin tones. Blue also matches almost everything! Blues with cream, mustard, or burgundy are some of my favorites I have seen this season. Like blue, grey looks great paired with other colors and would be another great choose to use as your jumping off point. If i had to steer you away from one color that would be black. I know black is always thought of as a very safe color and hide flaws well but I don't love the way it photographs or the harsh aspect of black. 
3) Once you have chosen your base color like blue, grey, or cream, next, pick one or even 2 other colors to add in. I once heard that when decorating a room you should choose 3 colors and then use the color in these increments: 60%, 30%, 10%. I think this is also great advice for styling your family photos as well. Using the example above I may choose Blue 60%,  cream 30%, and mustard 10%.  This means there may be some mustard in your husbands plaid flannel and your daughter may have a headband with a mustard flower. Simple. Only two colors is also very acceptable but just make sure the outfits aren't too matchy matchy. Gone are the days of everyone in jeans and a white shirt!  
4) This may be kind of naughty, but I typically suggest my clients style the girls in the family first. I know I tent to be a little self conscious so it is important for me to find something i feel good about myself in rather than just finding something that looks nice with everyone else. If you are like me, find your outfit first and use that as inspiration for the rest of your family.
5) Do not be afraid of prints! Even if a couple member of the family are in different prints, it will still look great. Remember we are trying to get away from matchy matchy! Try to balance the prints out though. Maybe 2 family members in prints and 2-3 in solids depending on you family size. You should however, steer clear of clothing with writing, large logos, or characters. 
Can we bring our dog?
I welcome your 4 legged family members! All I ask is that you ​make arrangements so that we can do some photos of just the human members of the family :) Most times this simply means bringing a leash long enough to tie to a very nearby tree however if this would stress your pup out, maybe you could bring a friend who can wrangle your pup during bipedal species only shots. 

Do you offer birth photography?

Absolutely! I would have to say that birth photography is my absolute favorite! To book a birth session I just need to know your due date and I can pencil it in and be on call! I am a mom to two young children so there is always a chance that I will not be able to make it due to timing of delivery or if I feel there are any germs lurking around my home, I will steer very clear of your newbie!!! Because of the inconsistency of labor and birth, I don't take any payment upfront! I can assure you that I will give my absolute best effort to be there even if it is at 1am!!! like I said this is my favorite :) If i miss the delivery, I will be there to capture the first 48 hours of life for a reduced rate.